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Alberto Perini

Cyber Security Advisor

  • Threat Intelligence Outreach 
  • Cyber Security
  • Information security
  • SOC - Security Operation Center


Dal oltre 25 anni collaboro con aziende ed enti governativi, assaporando i cambiamenti e analizzando le nuove minacce alla sicurezza personale e informatica, in tutte le sue sfumature, sempre alla ricerca di nuove soluzioni.

2006 - 13

Security Risk & Investigation Manager

Golan Security & Consulting
2007 - 15

Strategic Intelligence Manager

G3Intelligence Ltd
2012 - 13

Corporate Security Advisor

K9 Solutions Ltd
2013 - 14

CISO - Information Security

G3Intelligence Sagl
2015 - 16

Security Advisor

Digital Globe Solutions
2017 - 18

Founder & COO

Sphere Soc
2018 - 20

Cyber Security Manager

Alascom Srl
2019 -

Director Cyber security R&D

2020 - 21

SOC Manager

2021 -




  • Information Risk Management - University of Washington D.C (USA);
    Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies - University of Washington D.C (USA);
    Cyber Security - University System of Georgia (Atlanta GA. USA);
    Malware - University of London (London, Essex GB);
    Pen-Tester Certification Course - Igneus Technologies;
    Security Awareness (ISECOM) - Hacker Highschool;
    Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking - CybraryIT;
    Python for Security Professional - CybraryIT;
    Information Security Concept - Hack2Secure;
    Advanced S.M. Intelligence Gathering Total Credit (3 CPE) - McAfee Institute;
    Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) - Offensive Security.
  • B.D in Security and Risk Management - 2014 Sheffield University GPA 3.3;
    Project Planning and Management -University of Virginia (Charlottesville VA. USA);
    European Business Law - University of Lund (Lund Sweden);
    Aviation security and passenger screen analyzer - Cedar Israel;
    Close Protection Training - N.D;
    Defensive Driver Training - N.D.
  • The valuation graphology on investigation activity - 2013 Milan AIPROS;
    Lives killer, Trip into the criminal mind- 2011 Police Training School AL;
    Intelligence training - Cedar Israel;
    Intelligence and early warning training - IFG Security Israel;
    Emotional manipulation, Elicitation Interview - Cedar Israel;
    Tactical Engineering, Tactical Surveillance course - Mindset Inc USA HUMINT - N.D;
    OSINT Training - Cedar Israel;
    Surveillance training - Int-Int Ltd Uk.
  • Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism prevention - Duke University (Durham NC. USA);
    Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism prevention - Leiden University (Leiden, Netherlands);
    Understanding Terrorism and its threats - University of Maryland (College Park);
    Modern Middle East scenario - University of Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv Israel);
    Interviewing (module 1), Piracy and Cyber War (module 2) - University of Turin (Turin, Italy);
    Analysis of building vulnerability in relation to terrorist attacks with explosive and countermeasures - 2007 Parma Italy;
    Advanced technical analysis - 2001 Milan (Twice Sim);
    ISIS and Cyber Terrorism (1 CEU/CPD) - Concise Cyber Security;
    Counter terrorism and suicide bomber - Demoman Israel;
    Body language a Criminal Profile - Demoman Israel.


  • Fulvio Suardi
    W360 Operations Specialist Connectivity - LAN & WiFi at Nestlé

    Ho lavorato con Alberto per circa un anno, di lui ho apprezzato la preparazione nella Cyber Intelligence e offensive e la capacita di gestire e coordinare progetti ci Cyber Security in totale autonomia. Con poche parole, ma molto efficaci, riesce a far passare le informazioni chiave per gestire e far prendere coscienza delle reali vulnerabilità aziendali.
    Alberto è abile nel gestire sia i flussi di lavoro che le persone a lui collegate, in maniera dinamica creando attorno a se un ambiente positivo.
    Un bella e brava persona

  • Vlatko L
    Information Security Engineer (Penetration Tester)

    I had a pleasure to work with Alberto, he have a great passion for cyber security in particular way about what concern the offensive techniques. Very savvy in the field of security, information gathering, social engineering. Alberto it's a professionist in to set up units of penetration tester, managing red team and Cyber Threat Intelligence teams...

  • Massimiliano Lucarelli
    Presales Engineer - Cyber Security ,Networking, Collaboration

    Alberto è un validissimo Manager che in poco tempo è riuscito a ricostruire e rimodellare i servizi di Cyber Security forniti dall'azienda. Non smette mai di apprendere ed informarsi. Riesce a destreggiarsi tra decine di attività e progetti, mantenendo sempre un atteggiamento positivo , con una grande capacità di espandere sempre il proprio network. Come Manager riesce sia a coinvolgerti , che a darti tutta l'autonomia possibile per raggiungere l'obiettivo definito.

  • Helmut Brocksieper
    Project Consulting im Bereich PPP-Projekte, Cyber-Intelligence/-Security, Schulungen & Coaching

    I know Alberto Perini as a highly qualified cyber intelligence expert and forensic specialist. Working as founder and COO for SPHERESOC , he is an innovative and powerful business person who is able to push a company into the market. His knowledge of face recognition, travel risk, management , training, analysis and ethical hacking makes him to a absolute valuable member of the SPHERESOC community.

  • Rushi Patibandha
    Security Researcher | Strategic Intelligence

    Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor, but I did when I worked for Mr Alberto Perini. A cool-headed person with strong negotiation and Intelligence qualities, I had the pleasure of working with him as a freelance consultant for Travel Risk Management department. Mr Alberto Perini would not only be an asset for any company but a wise leader to a team also.

  • Marcus Rumps
    Sales & Business Development Manager

    "Alberto and I worked together to bring innovative covert & overt GPS/RF solutions to the Italian market. Alberto had tremendous ideas and was always supportive, even when his own workload was overwhelming. Alberto is an expert in the Intelligence related industry and a wise businessperson who’d made a tremendous addition to our expansion activities. It was a joy to collaborate with him during that time."

  • Muhammad khalid Awan 
    Senior Investigator at karachi

    "Mr. Perini Alberto is Co-Founder of G3 Intelligence he is Specialist in Intelligence Analysis. Very impressive profile Indeed Mr. Perini a good addition to my Top professional college I will be really happy to keep in touch and learn from his experiences. It’s my honor to I’m connected to best professional person like Mr. Perini. I M Highly Recommended and observe To Mr. Perini is a great professional and expert with outstanding abilities to work in teams as well as individually, Ability to work under pressure Good social skills particularly in a multicultural environment , Ability to develop and maintain Highly professional networks of Intelligence Good listening skills To professional maturity Risk Taker Highly Talented player ."

  • Hany El Zahar هاني الزهار

    "It is an absolute honor to write this recommendation to Mr Perini,
    I have worked closely with Mr Perini in security and intelligence project.(Milan -Italy)
    Working with Mr Perini has inspired us to achieve higher our goals, He help to implement the solutions.
    Mr Perini was an intelligent and reliable team player, I know that he will be asset to your organization."
    “I 've enjoyed working with Perini Alberto. He was extremely fast in taking up new opportunities and understanding the needs behinds decisions. He is very good with figures, active and open minded leader with excellent communication and understands the customer's needs"
  • Simone Boggio

    "In 2011 i worked very closely to Alberto, at G3 Intelligence (London - Milan). Alberto is really impressive CEO, he has never pulled back to get their personal contribution in important projects in order to respect important deadlines. He is open to listen every opinion, however, being very determined in making decisions. I worked alongside with Alberto in innovative and stimulating environment, in fact Alberto allowed me to increase my skills extending my knowledge. I highly recommend Alberto for his skills".
  • Roberto Licari

    "I have been collaborating with Alberto since lot of time, in different rules and businesses.
    There is a unique message I would like to write about him, for me it is the "leitmotiv" I have always founded in Alberto, as person and professionist along this long period: he is a great combination of dynamism, enthusiastic approach and serious solid sense of team work, combined with a very deep honest respect of people".
  • Vassilios Damiras

    "Mr. Perini Alberto is well articulate professional".