perini profilo

Alberto Perini

Cyber Security Advisor

"The experience is said to be the fruit of the time dedicated to the study of a specific topic. The commitment to investigate issues and analyze threats has accompanied my entire professional life, outlining my future and focusing my passions and my interests, with the aim of directing my knowledge to the protection of people and companies. "

Since 1994, I have provided operational and consulting activities to companies and government agencies, experiencing the changes and analyzing new security and cyber threats, in all their nuances, always looking for new solutions.

Over the last 10 years, security scenarios have undergone considerable changes to which I lined up immediately, it is an example the awareness of OSINT gained over the past eight years and the advent of new communication and research methods as the internet and social media, that led me to the deepening of new disciplines such as SOCMINT and CyberHUMINT overturning the classical methods of analysis, vulnerability and threat research with methods that provide intelligence sources and innovative tools.

Today I support companies, government agencies and managers in the areas of Information Security, Cyber Security, Training in the areas of Intelligence (OSINT-Surveillance-HUMINT), Travel Risk and Crises Management, protecting people and their information in the areas where they carry on their activities. By means of procedures and operational plans, upgrading existing facilities and central control including C2-C4 to current needs, supporting the use of new technologies as platforms for data and images analysis to provide targeted reports related to threats, both computer-related and otherwise.

I work mainly as a temporary Security Risk Manager, professionalism which includes Cyber Security, Ethical Hacker and Technological Consulting. A figure more and more present in companies with more extended engagement times, which alongside the existing team, provides an external and global vision of the problems and risks, increasing the safety threshold and the healthy competition with regular staff.